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Online Distraction.

Online Distraction.

August 14, 2010  |  Big Picture, Blog, Featured, History, Technology  |  3 Comments

Yes, I know. It has been a long time since I’ve written here on this blog. Well, much of the reason that I haven’t is actually a result of the topic that I’ve wanted to write about: distraction. I wanted to write. Really I did. I also wanted to read the books on my bookshelf. But something was getting in my way. Distraction was my problem, and it still is. Well, I needed someone to blame for it all. Was it the incessant chime of a new email in my inbox? Was it work ringing my cell phone? Was it that next big project I wanted to get done on my computer? Was it the text messages vibrating night and day in my pocket? Was it the movie my roommates were watching downstairs in the cool basement on a hot summer’s day?....

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This is bad for your health.

August 12, 2010  |  Blog, Technology  |  No Comments

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All articles written in the past year.

*That is if the internet is in fact, fact.
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