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Josef Sudek - contorted trees

Josef Sudek – contorted trees

May 17, 2011  |  Art, Blog  |  No Comments

I've loved the work of Josef Sudek ever since I accidentally stumbled upon a large book of his prints in my university's library. In school, I'd often wander the aisles of the photography section, searching for divine inspiration through the works of old masters. In my discovery of the "Poet of Prague" I found a highly significant influence on my work thereafter. The book was Anna Farova's "Josef Sudek" and I've cherished the copy I bought several years after that day in the library....

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On Travel

On Travel

May 4, 2010  |  Blog, Featured, Travel  |  1 Comment

In 2007, I quit my first real job that I had for over three years. There was one main reason in mind for doing so: travel. I’m not necessarily one of those travel junkies like Rick Steves (which is fine if you are), as he seems fascinated with always getting away. I like getting away, but it's not my point. I may just be floating my own boat, but I feel I view travel differently than most. The idea of traveling to most people is seen as vacation and escape. For me, I’d often rather engage the local community than have a fun and relaxing time, even it that means being uncomfortable sometimes. Traveling has become a way to free myself of self-absorption and the poor decisions I make in that inebriated state. Traveling and its experiences give me a fresh perspective on the life I live at home....

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A Native Hill

A Native Hill

April 29, 2010  |  Big Picture, Blog, Featured  |  2 Comments

The title I’ve chosen for this blog, “A Native Hill” comes from one of my favorite authors and social commentators Wendell Berry. He wouldn’t much approve of the idea of me writing this on my new laptop consuming a real amount of electricity (with an old but perfectly functioning laptop downstairs connected to a new TV), and especially lobbing this content onto a virtual world of computers linked together with industrialized “server farms” across the globe in an isolated community of individual web users. But nonetheless, he might appreciate my attempt to express even a small amount of what I’ve learned from him to other open ears....

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