Ramblings on Now

Ramblings on Now

February 21, 2011  |  Blog, Thoughts

In photography, the now becomes the past. The moment I press the shutter, the world is how I make it. I can make the past what I want it to be. I am comfortable with the past, with the present I am not, and with the future I don’t know.

Our past shapes who we are. But have we learned from our past? Like a teenager, we want to move quicker through life. Do we appreciate where we have been or where we are now? I have accepted the past but I do not accept the now.

We can’t always always understand things as they are going on, and we usually always know what went on after the fact. Photography helps me take a step back so I know how (and even why) to move forward. Everything we see is something more than it seems. We have to be able to recognize the world around us in order to move forward. We too often want something new to replace the old. In art, we want new art movements, new music genres. In science we want more new “facts” — more truths. BUT have we processed what we know now? We move too fast.

Do we really want to think? Or do we want someone else to discover new facts, so we can follow?

This is why most often new technologies don’t make our lives better, it only changes the way we do things. New technologies in medicine help us live longer, but they do not make us live better.

I don’t know if I’ll ever have something “new” to say. I interpret my past in order to make more sense of my future (to make it better). I am the peacemaker between the past and the future. I make the present the past by making them memories, and I make them memories in order that I may grow by interpreting them.

When we recognize true beauty we cannot help but be changed by it. In our moment of recognition, life is timeless — we are outside of ourselves, and we recognize something greater than this flesh and blood. It is a moment when abstract and logic become one — when we no longer worry about the past nor the future, and the now becomes… beautiful. A life of beauty is a life truly lived.

Since beauty is beyond the body, and time, only the spirit can recognize its presence, and since we are physical beings, we cannot stay in a state for too long to continue to recognize it. The moments fleet until at some point later we become aware of its presence. Recognition takes training but mostly a step away from distractions. For me, I have to leave my house, go for a walk, or go to a coffee shop. Though walks, I can take pictures. By going to coffee shops, I can write — free from the material junk in my house. Beauty takes a stepping back from wherever you are, so we can see the entire picture as it truly is.

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